Wednesday, December 12, 2018

All about wall art

Wall art adds personality to your home

Wall art is to a room what shoes are to an outfit. It is the finishing decor that adds personality and visual appeal are so important. There is no better place than the walls to insert a little personality into a room and a little drama. This is your creativity opportunity and the experiment is endless. The best thing about wall art is that it can change and evolve in time. You can switch it up, and play around with size, scale, color and placement until you find a look that works for you and your home. 

Family room and wall art 

Not all art should be matted, framed and hung in a nice small square box on the wall. Experiment with iron, wood and ceramic materials. Try organic, natural forms that can give a space a sense of serenity that photos and other artworks can't sometimes give. I played with both shape and scale in my own home by hanging a series of round decorative wall art pieces in different sizes above the sofa in my family room. The result is an interesting visual that moves the eye through the space and into the kitchen.

 Hanging mirrors on the wall and styles 

Be incongruous and combine modern art with more traditional d├ęcor and furniture. Some of the most attractive and interesting spaces I've seen recently have a mixture of high and low items. For example, modern pieces next to flea market finds, sofas with throwing pillows in designer fabrics.

 Living room wall art hang and repeat 

One large piece of art that fills much of the space on a large wall can look dramatic. So can a series of smaller pieces. For one client’s traditional living space, we hung a series of botanical prints in a row on either side of a mounted flat screen. Had the TV been left alone on the wall it simply would have called too much attention to the technology and overpowered the space. Countering it with a repeating row of artwork provides balance.


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